1. What is the benefit of using a Rock Bar case?

-- The benefit of the Rock Bar case is that it is a multipurpose low profile storage case. It is designed to hold a little extra gear with a low profile design. The Rock Bar can be attached to handle bars, the top tube, most down tubes (non ebikes), and on disc brake forks. Store extra gear such as a tube, mini pump, patch kit, energy bar, tools, small 2 inch diameter bottles, etc. (not necessarily all at the same time).

-- The Rock Bar is strong and is available with weights to add weight to your bike. It is ideal for adding weight to the bike since it will not affect the handling of the bike when the Rock Bar case is attached to the down tube or top tube. The Rock Bar Case is strong and holds 7 pounds of steel weights. Weights are available with the Rock Bar case.

2. How big is the Rock Bar case?

-- The Rock Bar case is 32 cm / 12.6 inches long (inside space of about 28 cm x 5 cm x 6 cm) and can hold items such as tubes up to a 2.3 inches wide in width, a two inch wide bottle, mini pump, tools, energy bars, batteries and other items (not necessarily all at the same time). What you use it for is up to you. Please don't insert items that exceed the width of the case. If you need to hold larger or more items, try our gear and bottle case:Learn More

3. Where do I put the Rock Bar case when attaching it to a bicycle?

-- A Rock Bar typically is attached to the underside of a bicycle frame down tube or top tube, attached to the handle bar, and optionally attached to the leg of touring or MTB forks. Two or more Rock Bars can be attached to a bike at the same time.

4. If I use a Rock Bar case with weights, can the weight amount be changed or removed?

-- The weight amount is completely adjustable and the weight is removable. The Rock Bar case will hold the weights in a stable position.

5. Who should use a Rock Bar case with weights inside?

-- As an exercise tool the Rock Bar case is for anyone seeking to gain strength and wants to incorporate another technique to help them do so.

6. What is the best location for weighted training if I use one Rock Bar case?

-- The ideal location is below the down tube and bottom bracket. This position gives the most neutral balance. The second popular location is under a top tube. This position will make the ride a little harder since the bike usually sways from side to side a bit when riding, and thus will require more muscle force to center the bike.

7. Is the Rock Gear, gear and bottle case, the same as the Rock Bar case?

-- No. The Rock Gear, gear and bottle case, is a wider diameter case for holding larger items like cycling and hiking bottles or to carry more gear. The case opens from both the case side and via the contoured top cap. Bottles are inserted through the top of the case. The Rock Bar case only opens from the top cap and uses a removable pouch to hold contents. The Rock Gear case also has a removable shoulder strap for use while hiking or backpacking.

8. What is the largest bottle that the Rock Gear, gear and bottle case, can hold?

-- The Rock Gear case can hold round items up to 3.375 inches wide. Items can be up to 11.625 inches tall. There is a little leeway, but inserting slightly wider items may make the item too snug to easily remove. The case is ideal for holding cycling bottles, most 24 ounce or smaller stainless steel hiking bottles (bottles over 24 ounces may fit, but it depends on the bottle width and design), aluminum beverage cans, and many glass bottles. Measure the can or bottle you use to make sure it fits.

9. Is the Rock Gear, gear and bottle case, or the Rock Bar case waterproof?

-- No. The cases are water repellent, but not water proof. If using the bags in rainy weather, we place items that should not get wet into plastic bags for extra security. We even do that with other waterproof dry bags we use in case they develop a leak from wear and tear. As with all hiking gear, if you use the bag outside frequently, we also recommend spraying the bag with a UV protector and water repellent.

10. Does the EVA foam of the case provide temperature insulation?

-- Yes. The foam will provide some temperature insulation. Drinks will stay colder longer than outside the case. The length for keeping the temperature constant will vary based on the outside air temperature. For keeping liquids cold for many hours, use double walled bottles.